• New Book: jesus outed

    jesus outed is a rollar coaster ride through the belly of the beast of American Consumer religion with all the bells and whistles clamoring. The book takes you (safely strapped in via humor, farce and some awfully inventive stories and essays) into areas and issues both Fundamentalists and their Foes find taboo.

  • Gallery

    Dr. Abarbanel does photographs of ice-sculptures he “grows” which act as sort of Rorschach material for contemplation and beauty. Signed prints. Christopher MacDonald does affordable “Kanji” art using Greek texts and also offers prints of oil and acrylic paintings.  

  • Store

    I love design, art, and writing. I also love people. I do my art because it is who I am. Some of my art is expensive because it takes long periods of time and is costly (like oil paintings). Other types of art I have deliberately chosen to be inexpensive (materials) and swift so that …

  • Featured Artist

    J, Rod Swenson, a native of Northern California who now resides in China, is now represented in the US by Azotus Arts. Swenson combines truly affordable paintings with wonderful coloration via his infamous “Bob the Dog” series and from the new series of bird cages, pyramids with clouds, or fishbowls which are reminiscent of Matisse. …